Join the club

Introducing MunchClub, an exciting new project for home cooks and aspiring chefs who have unique recipes to share with the world.

How does it work?

Whether you are compiling family recipes handed down through the generations or wanting to share your own secret recipes with friends and family, we make the process very simple. It only takes a few steps!

Step 1

To create your MunchClub™ recipe book, sign up with MunchClub™ today. You don't have to publish anything until you're completely happy with your recipe book, and our recipe editor will make every stage of the design process as simple as possible.

Step 2

Upload your own recipes, photos, stories, and images to our online design portal and customise your printed cookbook.

Step 3

Now, we'll get to work creating and printing your book. Once it's finished, we'll deliver it directly to your door. Whether you want a single copy just for yourself, multiple copies to share with friends and family members, or a small batch to pass on professionally, MunchClub has got you covered.

It's our goal to empower our customers to share their eye-wateringly good food with friends and family and make sure that the best family recipes don't get lost in time. If your family is hoarding the best ever gooey chocolate brownie recipe or you've got a killer salsa recipe for Taco Tuesdays, why not share them with the rest of the world and tell your story at the same time!